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  • What does my child need to audition?
    We ask that each child prepare a piece that is 32 bars (measures) in length. A 30-45 second COMEDIC monologue is requested for those seeking a part.
  • If my child just wants to be in the ensemble, do they have to sing?"
    We recommend that each auditioner hoping for a part comes with a prepared song, 32 bars in length. If the student doesn't want to prepare a song, they can sing "Happy Birthday". Don't worry. We want your child to succeed. If they are nervous, we will help them through it!
  • What does it mean if my child receives a callback?
    Callbacks will take place on the Thursday after auditions, June 24th. They may be asked to sing or perform select materials from the show, so being familiar with the songs is encouraged. Having a callback does not ensure the student will receive a part.
  • Will my child be cast?
    EVERYONE is cast in our productions. Every child helps make each performance magical. If your child doesn't receive a callback, don't worry, they will be in our show! Every role is important and the show would not be possible without every child's contribution.
  • How often will they rehearse?
    Our company usually rehearses 2-3 times per week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are usually used to rehearse, with some possible Wednesday rehearsals. Rehearsal usually last no more than three hours at a time until closer to the show. A detailed schedule will be provided at the beginning of the rehearsal process. The schedule will be created around the Kre8ive Team and cast member conflicts to the best of our capibility.
  • Is there a cost?
    There is a non-refundable registration fee required to be a part of our production. This fee covers the registration, a cast t-shirt, invaluable instruction from our director, music director and choreographer, and general expenses required to put on our production.
  • If my child is cast but I still have questions or confusion how can those be answered or resolved?
    Before the rehearsal process begins, there will be an in-depth parent meeting where our team will go over additional information and clearify any questions or concerns you may have. We will also have a private Facebook production page where much information will be given by our Kre8ive team.
  • Have a question that you don't see above?
    Contact the Kre8ive board at or our Spongebob Director, Brandyn McGhee at

Frequently Asked Questions

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